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Nautilus Services

In addition to offering Yachts, Launches and Marinas for sale, we are pleased to be able to assist you in other ways as well.

Valuations & Appraisals

We will be happy to value or appraise your vessel by arrangement. Our valuers are industry recognised and NZQA qualified valuer, Mike Ward (027 275 0911) and Les Nichols (0274 932 774) , a name many will surely recognise..

Costs will be $75.00 plus GST per metre of length (LOH).  A discount of $10 per metre of length will be allowed if payment is received within 7 days

Travel out of Auckland will incur a charge of $60.00 per hour for travelling time (max 8 hours per day) plus travel costs.



If you are looking for general advice or assistance with a buying or selling decision, give us a call. Check Our Team for further contact details.

Contact Us



If you are looking for finance to assist you with your next boat purchase, there are a number of options available to you.

House Mortgage.    

Probably the most cost effect solution is to extend and existing house mortgage. Interests rates at present are great and could fall again in the coming months. Borrowing against your equity in your home can give you a longer repayment period, thereby reducing the monthly payments. On the downside, interest paid over the term of the loan is likely to be significant if you leave it "on the house" for the normal term of a housing loan. Talk to us - we can help!

Finance Companies.     

There are currently two or three major players in the boat finance game. Both will lend up to 100 percent (conditions apply) of the value of the vessel over a maximum of 5 years. Interest rates range from 10-11 % depending on the amount borrowed and the duration of the loan.

Companies offer a "balloon" facility at the end of the loan under certain circumstances. This allows you to repay only part of the principal during the term of the loan with an arrangement to refinance the balance or repay the outstanding portion at the end of the loan period. Both companies have their own lending criteria and may chose to avoid lending on specific types or ages of vessels.

Contact Us for further information before you find your next boat. then you can negotiate from a position of strength. Phone Mike Ward on 027 275 0911.


Marine Insurance

To obtain a Marine Insurance quote from

selected Marine Insurance companies


Pre Purchase inspections

While we are not boat builders or engineers, we will be happy to assist you in obtaining an independent inspection of your vessel. The choice of inspector(s) is entirely up to you!!

The following is a list of Auckland based Inspectors known to Nautilus Marine Brokers. These individuals have been appointed or considered by our various boat buying clients over the years to inspect vessels they have been purchasing.

We do not specifically recommend any inspector or their services or abilities. If you are willing to add the name of a recognised marine inspector to this list, please let us know the details

Hull Inspectors

Ray Beale

09 419 2694

021 926 694

Mike Menzies

09 424 0833 

027 492 4119

Harry Jorgensen

09 834 5654

021 182 2564

Franklin Taylor

09 4153216

027 2765383

Robin Williams

09 476 1900

0274 595 564

Morrie Palmer

P/F 09 410 7652

0274 814 642

John MacDonald

09 425 7260  

0274 427 169

Graeme Lyons

09 534 7508 

027 494 6922

Peter Grant


021 952-752

Bob Wilson

09 424 1719


Bill Maddick

09 478 3286

021 683 286

Robert Glover

09 416 9173

021 669 173

Mechanical Inspectors

Ovlov Services

09 377 4285


Eastern Marine Services

09 536 6252  

0274 593 073

Ray Bryant Marine

09 537 0114


Cameron Sefton

09 3766 399

027 492 4418

Rigging Inspectors

Steve McCabe

09 443 1655

0274 996  765


Project Management

We will be happy to discuss managing your next boat building or refit project on your behalf. Please Contact Us



We may be able to assist with putting you in touch with a delivery crew. If you are interested in doing deliveries, please Contact Us



Boat Valeting


BOAT VALET SERVICE are a team who specialise in hull and topside washing, cutting and polishing, engine room & bilge cleaning, valet or seasonal cleaining of interiors plus regular maintenance cleaning & general grooming of vessels.

Pleasure or charter vessel, just step ashore and leave it to the specialists to provide a complete detailed cleaing and groomed finish. Reliable, with attention to detail, the team from BOAT VALET SERVICE can assist in all your cleaning and grooming requirements.

BOAT VALET SERVICE is owned and operated by perfectionist Jenny Webster (0274 744 888), who has been in the boat valet & cleaning business for 12 years after spending 20 years in management of boat brokerages. Jenny understands the requirement of a well presented vessel.

To list on this page, please contact Mike Ward on 027 275 0911



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