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Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission will I pay when Nautilus Marine sells my boat?

Our standard commission is 6.5% of the value of the vessel sold plus GST for the first $500,000 and 5% plus GST thereafter. Our minimum commission is $4,000 plus GST.

Where can I get a valuation on a boat?

If you need a pre purchase, insurance or finance valuation, call Nautilus Marine Brokers or click on SERVICES for details. Our valuations are accepted by all of the insurance companies and financial institutions.

Should I get a pre-purchase inspection carried out when buying a boat?

Absolutely. Almost without exception, the surveyor will find something you should be aware of before you confirm your purchase. In most cases, these things are minor in nature and will not cause you to reconsider your offer. These will be little things that you can fix at your convenience when you own the boat.
Sometimes though, the surveyor will uncover something that could pose a risk to the vessel, crew or your bank balance. In such cases, you have the option of withdrawing from the Sale & Purchase Agreement or we can assist you in renegotiating the deal.
Personally, I would never buy a boat without a full hull and mechanical inspection. A list of surveyors is available by clicking in SERVICES.

Just as there are good marine brokers and not so good marine brokers, there are also good surveyors and a very few, not so good surveyors. Some surveyors are experts in certain construction techniques and have limited experience on others. You should talk to a number of surveyors before making a choice of which one will carry out your pre purchase inspection. Better still, ask around your boating peers and you will no doubt find out who the good surveyors are. You should note that some of brokers are less than honest in this area and will only give your one name to chose from and that will not necessarily be the best of the bunch!.

Can Nautilus Marine show me a boat listed by another company?

In most cases, yes. This will depend on our relationship with that company and whether or not you have already seen it with them or made an appointment to do so.

As a seller, how can I avoid being exposed to paying two commissions?

The easy answer is to select a Sole Agency broker and stick with that company until you sell your boat. If you do decide to change to another brokerage, make sure that any potential purchasers who already have been introduced to your vessel during the first agency are excluded from the new agency.
Contact us for a copy of our free "Selling Your Boat" brochure and talk to us about this BEFORE you change agencies!

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